We are insect, mammal, reptile and fish. We are the LANIMALS!

The humans retreat. The city is ours!

At the start of 2020, with the spread of COVID-19 throughout the human population globally, we watched our brethren take to the streets – goats in Wales, deer in Japan, boars in Europe, monkeys in Thailand and birds everywhere. So, in June, we took to the streets of Melbourne. Then we prepared four video transmissions, uploaded weekly throughout June to Instagram (@lanimals__). They are clarion calls for other lanimals to join us. They are also a plea to humans…please, we must live on this earth together. These transmissions were funded by Banyule City Council and City of Melbourne Quick Response Grants.

Otto The Bear

Chief Executive

Nanny The Goat

Public Relations

Dolphin The Dolphin


Orchid Mantis

The Brains

Bombadier Beetle

The Brawn

Blue The Caterpillar

The Lookout

Ao the Turtle


Periwinkle the Snail

Company Treasurer

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